ELA Basel History

In 1993 the Tiny Tots Verein (now The Early Learning Association) was founded as a parent support group. It started with a programme for 6 children and has grown to over 120 Early Years' places and more than 120 pupils in our school, at present. 

Bernadette Allison, a highly qualified UK trained educator and experienced school principal has been the executive director since 2003. Bernadette leads a staff that is dedicated to constantly improving the quality of the programme. Milestones in the organisational development include the granting of a license as a private Kindergarten in 2006 and as a primary school in 2008. 

ELA Basel has grown from a facility for the English speaking community to an important part of the educational portfolio of Basel, catering for the community that wants their children educated in an English speaking environment. Currently more than half of our children come from a non English speaking family.